Monday, June 8, 2009

They're "Sucking Blisters"

My pediatrician informed me with a laugh of the politically correct term "sucking blisters" when I was complaining about the "self-inflicted hickeys" that Crew is sporting all over his wrists.

Now you know and you too can be politically correct.

I love how he slurps himself. I love how deeply committed he is to his hands and his wrists. When he's in a slurping mood, you can hear him down the hallway, tasting his yummy fingers, hands, and wrists. This kid is so cute! He is just too much cuteness and sweetness. His personality is really coming out lately, the big fat flirt. He is gentle and patient and sugar-sweet. He is happy and sociable and smiley. He's my gooseberry and I just can't help covering him in kisses whenever he is in range of my lips. He's an embarrassingly good baby and a sweet sweet treasure.

I love you, Crewton, and I'm so glad you're mine. Thanks for coming to our family.

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