Thursday, January 28, 2010

X-Ray Day

I finally took Crew in this morning to have his cranial x-rays done. I've been putting it off for a million reasons, but I checked it off my list today. I've been told that this is just a "precaution" and that even on the chance that he does have very mild craniosynostosis to go with his little ridge, the Powers That Be will probably recommend doing absolutely nothing about it. Oh, and by the way, these x-rays aren't the best diagnostic tools for this condition anyway. In other words, doing the x-rays and playing this game is a colossal waste of my time and money.

We went to the Primary's satellite that is close to my house. The radiology techs tried to convince me to leave the room because Crew would cry and it would best if I left, for both of us. Ha ha. Whatever. I donned a lead vest from the corner stash and hovered annoyingly wherever I pleased.

It is done. Now we wait patiently for the results.

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