Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

I didn't take a lot of pictures of our official Christmas celebrations, but we had a marvelous Christmas. So happy, so peaceful, so perfect. This whole holiday season has been so good to us and for us.

We opened new pajamas, enjoyed a pizza picnic, and watched The Forgotten Carols on Christmas Eve. Kinley loved it as much as I did; Justin really liked it; Tanner tolerated it. After the play/movie, Kinley and I serenaded the men of the family with a multitude of Christmas carols. My little angel princess has a great voice!

To get to our bedroom, Kinley and Tanner have to pass right by the livingroom, so we shut them in their bedroom on Christmas Eve and gave Kinley a phone to sleep with. She was instructed to wait until 7:30 before calling my cell phone. Once she called us, we would turn on the tree lights and the Christmas music before they scurried down the stairs. As luck would have it, she and Tanner didn't wake up until almost 8! Justin, Crew, and I were already wide awake and waiting impatiently!

When what to his wondering eyes did appear? What is this Christmas magic?Someone told Santa about Crew's love of smarties.
"To infinity... and beyond!"
Kinley's favorite present was her brown stuffed horse. She named him "Mint".
Merry Christmas!
We love our beautiful children. They love us... and their glorious Christmas haul of gifts.

My wish-I-could-go-back-and-redo moment of the morning:
Giving Tanner his Buzz Light Year gun. It was the only thing he really wanted for Christmas, all he has talked about for a month. We knew that the success of Christmas morning was riding on that gun! We had, very fortunately, secretly purchased two when we were in Disneyland. I thought it would be funny to let Kinley open hers first and send Tanner into a tailspin. I almost did it, but chickened out at the last minute. Wouldn't that have been really mean/hilarious?

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