Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crew's New Year

I have many New Year's resolutions for our little beast, none of which he's really thrilled about.

We never gained traction with mealtime independence, but I'm ok with it. The independence was never really the issue. I just wanted him to eat and I was willing to give him 100% control if that's what it took. Justin thought I was just tired of feeding him. Not true at all. I was tired of trying to feed him and having him open his mouth invitingly wide just to smack the spoon across the kitchen as soon as it got in range of his little paw.

Heck, I'd spoon feed him every meal until he went to kindergarten if he'd just eat willingly. If he wants to feed himself oatmeal with his fingers, I'm totally up for that too. I'll do whatever he wants, as long as he happily and successfully gets nutrition down his throat. It seems his extended strike was probably because he didn't feel well. He's been sick for more than two weeks and is only now starting to sleep and eat respectably again. So he is back to eating and he now likes to spoon feed himself 4 or 5 bites per meal, which is big news.

He knows where his belly is now and I'm sure he was trying to say it tonight. It came out "bah" as he patted his belly. I also think he is trying to say "more", and it comes out "mah". He is starting to be more obedient to the word NO. He folds his arms when it's time for prayers. He pulls himself to standing at the couch. He is getting the hang of time-out; he gets plopped/trapped on the bottom step when he pitches fits.

He is attached to Kinley and Tanner at all times. He follows them everywhere, thinking he is so big. We don't keep a gate on the stairs because he can safely navigate them to go up and doesn't try to come down. He will sit at the top of the stairs and call for someone to rescue him.

He has never stood up in his crib, but we are going to lower the mattress down from the newborn setting hopefully this weekend because I think that day is coming. He has recently started sitting up in his crib every morning. For some reason he has always woken up and stayed on his belly, calling for us. So strange. But, now he sits up. He also sits up as soon as we put him in his crib at night or naptime. Like his brother and sister before him, he rocks himself to sleep. We have to put blankets on him after he falls asleep.

He waves "bye-bye" and "night-night". He can sign "more", "all done", "drink", and "cookie". Some of them aren't official ASL signs, we we know what he means. For example: banging his fists together means "more" or "eat". But... banging his fists together with his mouth open wide means "drink".

Our little blue engine is coming along, working his way up the mountain. We think he can, we think he can!

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