Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, we've been doing our physical therapy, as we pinky-promised our pediatrician that we would. After 4 sessions, Crew appears to be thinking about maybe making some small efforts toward sitting up. Basically, he doesn't collapse in half, burying his face in his feet 100% of the time. More like... 85% of the time. It really is helpful to have one of the kids stand over my shoulder to encourage him to look up and try to hold himself up a little. My face apparently isn't exciting enough.

He remains slow to grab at items, but once he gets it into his hot little mitt, he almost always brings it right to his mouth, which is a good thing. I can't be positive, but I wonder sometimes if he favors his right hand/arm. Justin doesn't necessarily think so, but we're watching it and encouraging him to use both hands until such time as it becomes normal and appropriate for him to favor one hand over another.

He rolls onto his side all the time and every once in a while comes close to rolling all the way onto his belly. He manages to flip himself over often enough from his belly to his back.

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