Thursday, March 4, 2010

Major Milestone

Crew had a great meeting with PT Julie this afternoon. He showed off his basket skills and only threw a little tantrum when she forced him onto all fours. She brought along a speech therapist trainee to observe our session. She does that sometimes because I'm her favorite mommy with the most agreeable little critter. Blush... She always calls in advance to make sure it's OK to bring visitors -- and to ensure that I know to shower and locate a bra before our appointment.

The big success of the day, however, came at dinner time. Crew ate his first true meal with the family tonight in a surprise Rock Star Crew Move (R.S.C.M.) We bypassed smashed fruits and oatmeal, his usual fare. Instead, I fed him endless teeny bites of sundried tomato pasta! He loved it! And more importantly, he swallowed every bit without gagging, vomiting, choking or aspirating. (Ok, maybe a little gagging, but I'm not complaining.)

And that, my friends, is Big News around these parts.

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Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Praises and a big way to go.