Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comprehensive Eval

Today Crew had his comprehensive yearly evaluation with Early Intervention. It was done by our PT, which was convenient because she knows Crew extremely well. That came in particularly handy when he refused to do things that she knows darn well he can do: She asked him to put blocks in a jar. He picked up the block, dropped it half way, stared her right in the eye and quickly withdrew the block to toss it across the room. Repeatedly. He is willfully naughty and as sassy as a non-speaker can be!

His adjusted age is 20 months. After the 90-second age-equivalency quick observation by our neurologist last week, there were no surprises this morning. Well, no bad surprises, anyway!

Gross Motor
8-month development. We knew that. Once he is crawling he'll be at 12 months. After that is walking!

10-month development. He's not making any "words" that we can distinguish and he should be making at least a few. It may very well be that we're just not realizing that he's being intentional and specific with some of his babbling.

Self-Help Skills
14 months

Fine Motor
16 months

17 months

Social and Emotional
24 months!! If you've ever had the opportunity to bond with my shameless flirt, you won't be surprised. He's always been advanced in that area. The NICU nurses were always amused and bewildered at how much he loved attention and eye contact even at 2 pounds. He has mastered the one-eyebrow lift combined with a half-smirk; he's a dreadful tease. He has absolutely no stranger anxiety anymore; I was actually quite concerned about this, but all camps say that this is completely fine, when taken in context with the rest of his personality and development.

Overall, I'm very very pleased. He continues to qualify for services, big surprise. We'll keep our physical therapist and add a play-skills/speech teacher. His progress is slow, but it is consistent. He is becoming more curious and adventuresome, which will only increase the speed of his development. His months of languid contentment are over and it's really exciting.

Onward and upward!

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