Saturday, October 9, 2010


Crew is experiencing success in the nonsensical nightmare that we call mealtime.

This week he branched out successfully to four new textures! Well, they aren't exactly "new", but this week he handled them like a pro!

1. Quaker oatmeal. He ate half a package without puking!

2. Bread. Piece, by little piece, he ate an entire slice of wheat bread this weekend. My friend Melissa and I have long envied the mothers of sandwich eaters. Perhaps there is a PBJ somewhere in my future after all.

3. Pumpkin pancake. He ate almost one whole pancake. No puking, no gagging.

4. Minced spaghetti. He slurped down a good-sized bowl of spaghetti without attitude and most importantly, without "incident".

Tomorrow we attempt apricot chicken. In other news, this kid is going to be crawling any day now. He's sooooooooooo close.

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