Friday, March 20, 2009


I've never ever used a sling with any of my children before. I always felt they were a little granola for my taste. Plus, the ill-fitting sling and the ill-fitting, back-breaking carrier that I borrowed from a friend when Kinley was a baby only frustrated me and made me certain that I didn't have the right body shape or size for anything other than my numb, aching arms to be a practical solution.

My sister Courtney made me a sling and I am so converted! It's so practical, so comfortable, and I love having my arms free to carry library baskets, hold the hands of bigger kids, even read books or get dinner ready while "snuggling" my sweet Crew! So, to all of you in the past who felt dissed by the plaster smile when trying to convince me that slings were "way cool", I apologize, and you can consider me totally converted! (You'll have to ask me again when he's more than 7 pounds though...)


Aimee said...

Thanks for this post! Just helped me justify even more why I needed to order a Moby sling to my husband... "See, she's a preemie mom, and her baby enjoys it. I think we need to get one for Connor, too."

texasblu said...

I never did like them - but I've always had a weak back. My husband on the other hand LOVED it - so HE wore the babies wherever we went. It gave him snuggles, since I got to nurse and rock them all the rest of the time. :)