Friday, March 13, 2009

Dr. Johnson

First things first: my fat fat baby is almost 7 pounds! He is now 6 pounds, 12 ounces and 18.25 inches long! That puts him in the 20th percentile for his adjusted age. At last, he is officially bigger than both Kinley and Tanner were at birth :)

Crew rolled over repeatedly at the doctor's office this morning, flinging himself (and his noggin) purposefully to the left as soon as he was put on his tummy by the doctor or the nurse; I was so proud. My little overachiever thinks he really is almost 5 months old! None of this "adjusted age" stuff for him!

Here is Crew posing with Dr. Johnson, World's Best Pediatrician. We've had the marvelous Dr. Johnson for several years and he has been with us for the long haul with Crew, keeping close tabs on him throughout our entire adventure. If you're looking for a pediatrician, I couldn't recommend him more highly! And I think we all know by now that I'm pretty picky...


texasblu said...

He's such a doll - I love all the videos and pics. Keep it up Crew! Rock on!

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Wow he's getting to be such a big boy. Some great pictures. And the videos were so cute.