Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Say Hello To The Grandfolks!

Here is our precious little imp posing in an outfit from Grandma and Grandpa B. He is relaxing on a blanket made by his Great Grandma Hunsaker, a blanket that was made for Crew's daddy many many many moons ago. It's now blessing another generation.

So many times when I bust out the camera, someone special (and I have my prime suspects narrowed down) shows up just off to the side and makes this little guy smile mercilessly until I have the perfect shot. Today's a "missing Dex" kind of day.
This is Crew pouting. Does it make me a mean mommy that I laugh every time he does it? He's just soooooo edible!

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AdronsCatherine said...

NO! Not a mean mommy - that face is just precious!!!! I *love* it when I get those cute little pouts lol! Now, if you were pinching him all day, just to see that face, *that* could be construed as mean... Just don't tell anyone lol!

{{{Hugs}}} I'm missing my Max today, too. You think maybe it's the change of seasons that makes it more pronounced for some reason?