Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chuggin' Along

I won't say that today was the worst day of my life, but it wasn't my favorite either. Justin and I have been up since 1:00 in the morning with Crew feverish and miserable. He never did throw up like Kinley did, but he screamed most of the night. I can't believe he didn't wake Kinley. What a blessing. Tanner woke up this morning with a fever as well and has been a little whimpery and lethargic, but otherwise seems to be on the mend.

All night I was absolutely dreading the dawn because I knew we would be finishing up the townhouse clean up. Blech, blech, and double blech. But: We. are. done. Halla-freaking-lujah. Crew alternated between crying and sleeping in his carseat and Tanner whined on a neighbor's couch while Justin and I worked. I need to scrub the hard water off the shower doors again and pack up the final freezer items in a cooler and then we're done!

Kinley has survived her first two days at school. She's at an "excellent" school, by all reports, and I'm anxious for her to get into a groove. It's definitely going to take some adjustment... for all of us.

I'm tired and I need a nap. I found an old freezer meal stashed in my freezer at the townhouse. Homecooking tonight! With no work!

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Cyndi Hendrickson said...

When it rains... I sure hope all the little ones are feeling better now!

P.S. I started cooking huge meals and freezing half for future meals. I love eating well without the work of cooking or expense of eating out, too!