Friday, October 30, 2009

Goals for Crew

Well, we spent a long time with Crew's physical therapist, coming up with goals for our little guy. We hope to meet most or all of them within the next 6 months, by the time his adjusted age is 15 months.

Crew will hold his bottle independently
Crew will pick up a cracker and progress to cheerios
Crew will play with toys and feed himself equally well with both hands
Crew will signal "all done" and "more" in a recognizable way

Independent Movement:
Crew will roll across room to get toys or follow mom
Crew will get into or out of sitting and sit independently to play with toys
Crew will get onto hands and knees to crawl across the room
Crew will independently get around the house to find mommy and to play with siblings
Crew will get up to 1/2 kneel to stand, holding onto a solid surface

Play Skills:
Crew will be able to pass a toy between both hands
Crew will bang two toys together
Crew will clap
Crew will play pat-a-cake
Crew will take toys in and out of basket/bucket
Crew will begin to stack one block on the other, using both hands
Crew will reach/signal with his arms when he wants to be picked up


He's got a lot of work ahead of him, that's for sure!

We are very excited that he has made some progress in the last few weeks with his hands. My dinner plate is no longer safe when he's on my lap!! When I hold something in front of him, he now almost immediately reaches out to grab it, with both hands no less! That's a huge step for him. He doesn't stare at it for 30 seconds, waiting/trying to make his arms/hands respond to his desires. Also, once he gets it into his hands, he holds onto it for a long time. A few weeks ago, I was having to pry open his hands to put things into them half the time, and then he would drop them within 10-30 seconds. Now he is actively reaching and grasping and will shake them around, holding onto items for several minutes at a time. He can even hold onto one toy in each hand. Huge accomplishment; pretty exciting stuff :)

Go, Crew!

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