Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Morning Update

At 3:00 this morning, with Daddy singing endless repeats of "Popcorn Popping", Crew offered up the first smile we have seen in days. Then he slept for an entire 5 hours straight before waking up to drink 4 luscious ounces of milk for breakfast. He even had a damp diaper in the middle of the night. After sleeping through his next time for medicine, he woke up with his fever just barely above normal. He is taking a nap right now in his bouncer to keep him elevated.

We are keeping him plied with piggybacked ibuprofen and tylenol every three hours (when he doesn't sleep through it). He is on Tamiflu twice a day. He is covered from head to foot in four different essential oil mixtures. We're doing a hokey alternative "energy thing" that seems to relax him and hopefully does even more on the inside. He's had a priesthood blessing and we're praying our little hearts out.

As far as the rest of us, we're pounding Vitamin C like it's candy, along with Vitamin D (something I read), Airborne, Noni Juice, salt water gargles and nasal washes (something Justin read), drinking water until it comes out our ears, and washing our hands until they bleed.

We've been reading that it often gets much better on "Day 3" and then backslides again to utter misery for a few more days. Trying to beat the odds here! Thank you so much for your kind prayers!

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