Sunday, August 29, 2010

Snot-Nosed Kid

Crew hasn't eaten much of anything at all since Monday. At least I understand why his appetite had been decreasing previously. He woke up on Monday with his face encrusted in boogies. I think he may have caught one of our friend's "allergies". We cancelled our PT appointment yesterday. He's been up at night, though nothing like the drama of teething when I thought he could benefit from an exorcism. He's not too feverish today and even ate breakfast. That's an improvement over the last few days. He seems to be on the mend and I have great hopes of sleeping through the night tonight. Fingers crossed.

Some people were really grossed out the last time I posted pictures of Crew with boogies. So I'll refrain this time. I guess. (You're totally missin' out, I'm tellin' ya...)

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