Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You Say Potato

You may call this a mess. I may call this a mess. Our Feeding Occupational Therapist calls it a "successful exercise in sensory exploration."

Julie brought in a new recruit to our team: Becca. We actually won't be seeing Becca very often because Crew is doing so well. She saw wonderful things while she was evaluating us over lunch. She also made me feel a lot better about my method of persuasion, letting me know that I'm not unduly coercive in my efforts to feed him and that "force feeding" is not an accurate description of what I'm doing. Phew! I've worried about that a lot.

We're settled into Operation Fatness. It's been a... transition, to say the least. We all pretty much hated life that first week; he and I were in tears almost the whole time. Justin, Kinley, and Tanner gave us a wide berth. It was emotionally draining and extremely time consuming. I thought I was losing. my. mind. I am still regularly pureeing in my nightmares, and my tracking spreadsheet is a neurotic marvel to behold, but things are better. Much better.

Balancing nutrition, fluid intake, maximum calories, nutritional variety, appealing taste, and workable textures; researching, brainstorming, planning his menu, preparing, measuring, mixing, remeasuring, dividing, calculating, pureeing, remeasuring, redividing, recalculating, feeding (ak!), remeasuring, recalculating, recording, and cleaning up are no longer the only things I do throughout the day. Did I mention the tears?

The good news is that we now know that he can grow. That means we can pretty much scratch metabolic and genetic disorders off our list. Oh, and Primary's... :)

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