Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crew's Staycation

So what was Crew doing while his family was whooping it up in California and he was home with Grandma?

Perfecting this!

Ta Daaaaaaa!!!

I called it 4 months ago when I predicted to Justin: "Crew is waiting to crawl until we leave for Disneyland. He'll crawl for Grandma just to spite me." I was only off by about 12 hours. He took his first significant 24-inch journey-of-knees while we were packing, the night before we left. By the time we returned almost a week later, he was dashing around the house like a crawling champion!

By all reports, Crew and Grandma had a lovely staycation together! Grandma claims he was an absolute angel and I'm pretty sure they are bonded for life. She picked up on all of his subtle little nuances that make him so... Crew-like andI know how much he appreciated all of the wonderful one-on-one time she gave him. He didn't pull many naughty shenanigans while the cats were away; he ate for her, slept for her, flirted with her shamelessly. Thank you so much for taking care of our little prince so well, making our vacation possible!

Our house was cleaner than we left it and she met us at the door with homemade banana muffins. If you're looking to rent a grandmother, I can give you her contact information...

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