Saturday, November 20, 2010


Oh, Crew... your newfound excitement for mealtime makes my heart SING!

Last week while we were praying for a resolution to our most recent kitchen impasse, I felt very strongly that the time had come to step down and give our little critter his life back. I knew it was the right thing to do for him but I never imagined that the change in our impossible eater would be so dramatic. He is handling textures that he has never been able to manage before. He is showing interest in food that I have never seen out of him. Ever. I refuse to suffer the anxiety of counting his calories, but his volume is increasing much more quickly than I anticipated. He is curious and ambitious, two culinary traits I would never have used to describe him.

It is such a feeling of euphoria to have him open his maw wide for a bit of cheesy quesadilla. I love the sound of him yelling at me to bring him more shredded chicken because his tray is empty. I tear up to see him happily banging his fists together to sign "more" for another muffin. There is peace in my heart and sanity in our home. Neither of us have cried at all during mealtime so far this week! Not once!

I pray it continues. Another little miracle out of our little miracle.

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