Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just One of the Kids

Crew woke up from a nap in his swing while I was otherwise occupied. Kinley took him out of his swing without interrupting me (which was kinda sweet), and when I went downstairs I found a perfectly content Crew... laying down on a blanket in front of the television, happy as can be, completely mesmerized by the Disney Channel.

Ugh. Cute, but horrifying.


In other sibling inclusion news... the following is a conversation we had over the weekend. Keep in mind that Kinley packs Crew around the house as though she doesn't notice that he's almost half her size:

Mommy: Kinley!! Bring him back here right now! Crew doesn't need to go to the basement with you! Go play without him!

Kinley: Oh, but Mommy, we can't! Tanner and I are having a tumbling competition and we need Crew to be the judge! Whoever can make him smile the most is the winner!

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