Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crew's Eval

PT Julie came and spent the last few hours with us, testing Crew. I was kind of dreading it, but was very pleasantly surprised with the results!

Crew is 17 months old chronologically, but his "adjusted age" is 14 months and we base all of our expectations on his "adjusted age", when he should have been born. The purpose of this testing is to see how far he has progressed, requalify him for services, and to evaluate where he is on the general continuum of development.

The results are in:

Gross motor: 8 months. This is about what I expected. His body movements, strength, and skills remind me a lot of Tanner and Kinley at 8-9 months. He continues to show steady progress in this area. His muscles continue to loosen and his coordination continues to improve, pushing an official Cerebral Palsy diagnosis farther from our radar. He needs time and work. Time we have; work we're willing to do. I have a private unofficial goal to have him walking by his 3rd birthday. Or before!

Fine Motor: 12 months

Self-Help: 12 months

Social/Emotional: 12 months

Language: 13 months

Cognition: 14 months!

I wasn't sure what to expect in all the other areas and was quite giddy with his placement. Not bad for a little guy born without a heartbeat who wasn't expected to live through the night, eh??

GO, CREW!!!!

He also continues to improve with his chewing and swallowing. I'm not ready to call in a feeding therapist yet, though they stand ready if and when I think we have reached an impasse and need their assistance. I can't justify the intrusion right now if he continues to progress, however slowly. He eats, chews, and swallows a little bit better every week/month.

Well, the little beast is worn out from his big day and needs a snuggle and a nap. I just couldn't wait to report the good news!!


Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Wow what great news. I'm so excited for all of you. Keep up the good work Crew.

JodieT said...

Way to go Crew!!! And you too Megan! Such endurance, such stamina...okay such determination, stubbornness and patience!!!
I often forget (since I didn't know you then and was a few weeks from the start of our TTTS journey at that point) that Crew had no heartbeat at birth. Truly a miracle you are little man!

AWilder8509 said...

so freakin amazing!...go Crew go!...hes gonna catch up in no time!!!