Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Midnight Monster

Crew was sick a few weeks ago and we slept on the couch together for most of several nights. I braced myself to hold him the entire night, if necessary, but whenever his fever went down, he wiggled, arched his back, and whined until I put him back in his bed where he wanted to be.

He has slept happily and contentedly in his crib for the last week, 12 blissful hours each night, just like his old, sleepy self.

For the past two nights, we have been back on the couch together. (I choose the couch because Justin has to get up before dawn to work, so I leave the bed for him during midnight madness events.) While he is napping fine in his bed during the day, Crew has suddenly decided that the only place he can sleep after dark is in the crook of my arm. What in the world? Crew!! You are not a newborn!

He shrieks like he's being boiled in oil until I nuzzle him up tight and practically suffocate him with snuggles, pinning him between myself and the couch cushion. Then he relaxes and drifts into deep sleep, putting my arm into its own deep sleep.

On the one hand, it's very flattering. And kinda sweet. He smells so delicious.

On the other hand...


We have mean plans for our little prince tonight. Unless I intend to hold him in the crook of my arm on the couch until he's 5, I have to make my move. I'm already so sad for him. I'll probably cry almost as much as he does. I casually suggested to Justin that maybe the tiny guy could join us in our bed long-term if he was really really quiet. Denied!

I'm about to pop open my second Diet Coke.

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