Monday, April 19, 2010

Right There In Produce

I had a sweet experience this morning at the grocery store, one that has brought the last few years full circle. I was standing by the cabbages, trolling through my grocery list for the last time, making sure I hadn't left anything behind. In that moment, I was stopped by a woman with her own cart full of kids and groceries.

She rushed over to me and said, "You have a blog, don't you?! You are a digital scrapper, right? You had the twins?"

Yes, yes, and yes. That's me! (Plus or minus a few pounds...)

She then shared her feelings about our family, and told me how she has followed our story from the beginning. With emotion, I introduced her to our critters, including little Crew. I then met her small boys, including her new baby who was actually very nearly named Crew.

We hugged. Because that's ok in the produce section.

What a small world.

What a beautifully small world.

Is it lame that I was so relieved that we were all freshly bathed and the kids were well enough behaved that not a single one of us were in tears?

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