Friday, April 2, 2010

Cruddy Crew

Blech. This has been a nice week because Justin's sister Kayla has come into town and we've been able to enjoy spending time her and some of our cousins that we don't get to see very often. It's been a cruddy week because Crew has been sick.

He is much improved, but really gave us a scare on Wednesday night by presenting with a midnight 103.3 fever. That was with a full dose of ibuprofen in his system for a few hours. In fact, it may have been higher, but it was taking so long to climb the thermometer that I opted to stop taking his temp and get busy pulling out all the stops to get his temperature down. That was a pretty scary night.

He has been extremely cuddly, which would be enchanting if he hasn't been otherwise so pathetic. His cough has greatly improved and he is sleeping better. He still has a low appetite, but he continues to eat enough to satisfy my expectations. His fever is very low and sometimes nonexistent. His breathing hasn't been compromised (Chronic Lung Disease what??) Now he's mostly just fussy and wants to be held and carried about. And his boogies are none-too-charming.

I'm crazy tired since I haven't slept many winks since Monday night. Our couch is beautiful, but I've discovered that it's not that comfy, especially when it's shared with a fevered, hacking, wiggly little critter. I did get a 22-minute nap this afternoon in my sweet bed, which wasn't nearly long enough. Kinley and Tanner are still enjoying their naps and they are pushing 3 hours now. Little luckies. I just got Crew back down to finish his previously interrupted nap, but I don't dare lay myself down now, at almost 5 pm.

We have a nice weekend planned, if all goes well. Crew is so much better and I've already pre-fluffed my pillow in anticipation for tonight's good sleep.

Only 13 more days of tax season. I. think. I. can.

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