Friday, May 14, 2010


Crew has really embraced this whole communication thing. We are all reveling in the breakthrough.

In sign:

Crew says "up".

Crew says "more" sometimes.

Crew kind of says "all done", I think.

Crew can find his head. Kinley and I even think he is trying to say "head" with words. We hear something that sound suspiciously like "heh" when he is showing us his noggin.

Just this morning he raised his arm and pointed with his hand in the direction he wanted me to take him. Very calmly, very purposefully, he pointed to our bedroom. He wanted to see if Daddy was still here. This is a first. I usually have to follow his eyes.

Crew is assertively reaching and pointing at things that he wants that are out of reach instead of squirming, whimpering, or crying and making us guess. He has been grabbing at things within his reach for months, but if it was too far away, he would either cry and hope we figured out what he wanted and fetch it for him or, more often, decide it wasn't worth fighting for and turn his attention to something else.

He understands "diaper" verbally and in sign and takes instructions on who to pass his diaper to.

I feel like we have suddenly cracked some mysterious code that allows us access to the inner workings of Crew's mind. Clearly he has just been waiting for us to give him the cypher. He is bright as a penny, sharp as a tack.

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