Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weight Schmeight

I took Crew in for his 18-month check-up this morning. He has only put on 1.5 pounds in the last 6 months and tips the scales at a measly 16 pounds. He's on his own tiny little curve waaaaaaay below the charts. But... at least it's curving, right?

We're revamping his diet. Butter and cream for this kid. And we'll be trying Pediasure because it's higher calorie than the beefed-up formula milkshakes that he's been on. Hopefully he likes the taste. He's been doing Carnation instant breakfast sometimes. He kind of likes that. When he's in the mood.

More calories will help him grow plump but will also build muscles. Mus-kules will help him in the gross motor category.

Our pediatrician wasn't super impressed with the gross motor progress that he has made. He seemed more concerned about the gross motor skills yet to be mastered. He suggested we look into private physical therapy to add to our existing regimen. I've looked into it. Mmmmm... I don't know.

Bah. Can't please everyone all the time.

Did I mention that he has started communicating this week?

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