Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Being outside has taken some adjustment for nature-phobe Crew, but this morning he decided that sunshine, wind, and grass are not-so-bad.

He joined me outside while I reweeded and planted some flowers for our Dex memory garden. I found some gorgeous, deer-resistent batik irises that seem to be blooming a little more purplish than bluish, but they are still beautiful and Dex knows they are for him.

Crew lasted longer than I expected, but we had help. My neighbor is also my VT companion and a former NICU nurse. She was out on a walk this morning and stopped by to play with Crew while I finished up the final planting. I turned around to find him on his knees; I burst out laughing, delighted with the impromptu PT session. You can take the nurse out of the NICU...

Here is Crew sitting on our "outdoor blanket", also known as the "Katie-blanket", so named for the ex-girlfriend that gave it to Justin many years ago. When we got married, I told him we could keep it if it stayed in the trunk of our car as a picnic blanket. Am I mean?
He rolled onto the grass and didn't melt down. I love this face. I wonder what he's thinking...
Then he got busy exploring in the grass. It needs a good mowing again. It tickles my ankles. This property owning thing is serious business. The accidental over-fertilizing has created a jungle out there.


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