Saturday, May 23, 2009

Surgery #4

Monday the 18th:
Crew will be having an ultrasound this week to try to confirm what is a virtual certainty -- that his hernia repair site on the left side has reopened. We visited with the surgeon and he said that he has never had a hydrocele appear after a hernia repair that is not a communicating hydrocele, a.k.a. another hernia waiting to happen. The ultrasound may or may not be able to adequately see what is going on, but it's worth the attempt, on the infinitesimal chance that 1) it's not communicating and 2) it can be read with definitive precision.

Crew is scheduled for surgery on May 28th here at our local hospital.

Wednesday the 20th Update:
Crew had his ultrasound yesterday and it confirmed what we suspected. One of his hernia sites has reopened and needs to be corrected. He also has a fun new problem, some scar tissue growing over... well, let's just say that some damage was done back in his catheter-wearing days. We should be able to have both problems corrected at the same time, but if Dr. D. isn't comfortable doing the second procedure, we'll have to move our plans to Primary's to have a urologist join in the fun. There is no end to drama with this kid and his nether regions. Ugh!

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