Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brotherly Love

Last night I was going to write about the fact that Crew only laughs for Tanner. No matter what Kinley, Justin, or I try, we can only get him to offer up gigantic, silent smiles. But Tanner? Well, big brother can coax a belly laugh out of him with very little effort.

I was sitting at the table with Kinley and Tanner this morning, pondering this phenomenon over breakfast, when Crew woke up and started the wind-up whine in his crib, as he does every morning. As I tried to gulp the rest of my cereal down as fast as I could, the tone of the whine suddenly changed dramatically. It changed from a whine to a very distinct, gasping-squealing belly laugh.

When I got up the stairs and into his room, the look of utter rapture and delight on his face confirmed what I suspected: that Tanner isn't the only brother who can get him to laugh.

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Jodie, Geoff, Zackary, Brycen, Cameron and angel Cole said...

I soooo totally get this a way that you can appreciate. Cameron is sort of the opposite for us though...he laughs for everyone, whines for everyone too but his soulful looks and more importantly his inconsolable crying is reserved for his moments with Cole.