Saturday, December 12, 2009

Diversity of Taste

Crew is making such good progress in a lot of areas. He has started opening his mouth more willingly and purposefully at mealtime. He is finishing the entire bowl instead of giving up after 8 bites. If I'm too slow on getting the spoon to his mouth, he has started to reach for the spoon. Most excitingly, he is willing to eat solid food twice a day now, so hopefully he will start to gain weight a little more rapidly. We hope to get up to three times a day soon, but we'll happily accept twice!

Last, but not least, he will now eat food with something other than rice cereal in it! He will now accept infant oatmeal mixed in with his fruits and veggies. He remains picky about the consistency and temperature, but this is still progress! Steak and potatoes are just around the corner! I can feel it!


Jodi said...

We still struggle with eating and gaining weight, so hopefully you guys won't have that issue. There is a pizza place called Bartellis and Olivia will chow down! We've kinda had to make it a weekly thing and I attribute it to making it to 21 lbs. LOL.

Can you believe that comment on my blog? As much as I'd like to say it didn't bother me. . .it really hurt my feelings. Call me a lot of things, but I am not ungrateful!! After going through what we've gone through, aren't we entitled to a few bad days? Sheesh. . .what a nice person G.B. must be. . .

Texasblu said...

Merry Christmas Megan! I hope your family has a beautiful day celebrating the Savior's birth! :)