Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Mum-Mums

I discovered the most interesting treat in the baby aisle last week. Baby Mum Mums. They are rice husks, tasty little quick-dissolving munchies in the perfect shape for tiny, undisciplined mitts. This is the first thing that Crew has been able to really eat independently. He doesn't just mangle it or suck on it until it's spread from ear to ear. It's fragile enough that he can actually bite off little pieces and it's big enough and well-crafted enough for him to manipulate successfully to the bitter end. And it dissolves almost immediately; he hasn't gagged or choked on it one time. It's the perfect item for him at this stage! It says right on the box that it's "no mess" and they aren't kidding. The clean-up is minimal, mostly on his sticky little slobbery rice-hands. I thought I'd pass the word for anyone looking for a good starter-munchie!

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