Friday, February 26, 2010

Head, Shoulders, KNEES

To the untrained eye, this may not look like a big deal. But this is Crew doing physical therapy, balancing ever-so-precariously on his chubby little knees!! I have to put him there and make sure he is stabilized, but I can now let go for about a minute while he plays on his knees. It's all part of the pre-crawling puzzle. This kid is going to be getting into stuff before we know it! Then I'll be saying "be careful what you wish for!"

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JodieT said...

I HATE the pre-crawling puzzle. I am so tired of having to correct Cameron's every movement because he NEEDS to learn to be on all fours and to crawl before he can move on and walk. He'd rather pull himself around with his arms like a little soldier and pull himself right up instead of being on his knees. Why can't they just co-operate with us LOL!!!
So glad to hear and seem someone doing what we're doing at home too. Do you guys ever 'practice' on the stairs? Something our physio suggested.
Keep going Crew...maybe you'll crawl all the way to Canada to meet your buddy Cameron someday LOL!!!