Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Physical Therapy

Crew had his PT appointment this morning with Julie and it went very well. He is making progress with his pre-crawling skills, which is exciting. He won't be crawling for a while yet, but we have every confidence that he'll get there eventually; my guess would be before summer. On a side note, Kinley crawled for more than 6 months and we went through a lot of holey knees and scuffed shoe-tops. We predict that Crew will take after Kinley in this regard, as he has in so many others.

Crew is also very playful, taking turns with games and sounds. Today while snuggled in Julie's arms, he reached up to touch her face and she made a kissy sound and he dropped his hand. Then he would smile and raise it back to her face until she made the kissy sound again and he would drop it. He did this many times. Later, he heard me telling Julie that we think he says "Da-da" purposefully and he started shouting it at us. He knows who his Da-da is, I'm convinced of it.

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