Friday, February 12, 2010

Growing Boy

Crew is 16 pounds now.

I also wanted to record one of the best things he does. Whenever I pull him out of bed in the morning, he reaches forward to clasp both sides of my face firmly between his outstretched little hands. That sweet, brief little squeeze on my cheeks is my favorite part of the day.

He is also starting to lunge when he wants to go to someone and is almost starting to raise his arms in a requesting motion. You can tell the thought is there, but the motion is not fully developed yet. He has been known to choose to be passed back and forth between Mommy and Daddy. He has been flapping his arms for a long time when he wants someone to pick him up, but those arms are starting to point in the direction of the person he wants to hold him. Very exciting stuff, this communication.

Finally, he is starting to play a few games. I will bring his head down to kiss him on the forehead and then lift him back up. He'll smile and throw his head forward time and time again. Also, the other day I tipped him backwards off my lap and then brought him back upright. He suddenly started throwing his head back to continue the game. These are all great cognitive signs.

Physically, he has decided to stop rolling. Bah--jeesh, you don't focus on something for a few days... But he is now willing to play on his knees in front of an overturned basket. He isn't stable by any means, but he's willing to do it now, pitches no fits, doesn't launch out of position. He plays and bangs happily while I hold him steady.

Crew is being a big boy!

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