Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crew At The Park

Crew enjoyed a little outing to the park on Friday.

Peeking over the edge.Look at that great bum-to-knee action! We're getting closer all the time. One of these days he is going to sprint across the park on his knees and I'll be hard pressed to catch the little critter.
He is a grass-lover, unlike my other children who were grass-loathers at this age.
Here he is digging his very own moat.
Around and around and around we go.
I love dirty kids. Seriously. The dirtier my kids are with fun-grime and play-grunge, the better I feel I have done my job.
But I don't especially love to snuggle/cuddle/squeeze/nuzzle filthy children.

Ewww... into the bath with you, Fido.

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