Monday, June 14, 2010


It has been difficult to strike a balance between maximizing calories and keeping Crew well hydrated. I should say well enough hydrated. Drinking isn't his thing lately. We've tried bottles, sippy cups, open cups, etc. He drinks a little (3-8 ounces a day -- not a lot). He was drinking 12 ounces of formula per day before we started packing his calories. That still wasn't a lot, but it was better than we're getting now.

Neosure, formula, whole milk, water, juice, he treats it all about the same, regardless of temperature. He'd prefer to eat his calories. I have to get creative about sneaking fluids into him through juicy foods and deciding that every drop of cream counts as "milk" if I slip it into his lunch. That being said, he has stopped pooping 7 times a day, which has been nice...

With that sad tale, I'm excited that he has decided that he will drink this:

Odwalla Superfood.

I bought it on a whim. It wasn't cheap. He loves it. Of course. He's a bit of a snob. The mini maniac had us all in tears of laughter while he screamed his head off and shook his whole body for more, and more, and more.

Now that I've posted this, he'll probably never drink another drop.

They do sell it cheaper at Costco. Unfortunately, Tanner tried it and he's in love as well. I never imagined he would get past the color and texture, but he did. Oh, he did.

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