Sunday, June 13, 2010


If you believe our digital bathroom scale, and I kinda do....

Crew has gained exactly...


Not one measly ounce. I was weighing him twice a day there for a while, but decided that might be a little excessive and I was getting discouraged with the total lack of movement on the scale. So, I haven't weighed him in a month, excited for today's big weigh-in surprise.


I was hoping for 2 pounds but would have been happy with 1.

I don't even understand how this is possible.

I'll probably stop in at the doctor's office when I'm in P-town soon and throw him on their scale to see if they get something more encouraging.

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Anonymous said...

Love catching all the updates. For some reason my computer only kept showing up the middle of May until today when I got all kinds of updates. (formally known as Scrapping Mom of 5)