Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Crew hit another great milestone tonight.

As background information, Crew only rolls one way: to his right. He'll always pivot to position himself so that his destination is to his right. Also, I serve as his personal chauffeur around the house -- and around the world, actually.


While I was changing him into his pajamas, he rolled away giggling, quick as lightning. When he was several rolls away, I held out my arms and asked him to come back to me. He was on his belly at this point and he reached out his arms for me to come fetch him, as I expected he would. I told told him "no" and continued to sit on the floor with a smile on my face, telling him to come back to me.

When what to my disbelieving eyes did he do?

He pivoted himself all the way around and rolled himself back to me. No tears, no confusion, no frustration, no inability, no struggle.

Big. Boy.

Big. Sweet. Obedient. Clever. Boy.

Justin and I were kinda stunned. And totally thrilled.


Vera said...

Yay Crew! Good boy :)

Veronica said...

Love it. You're such a good mom.