Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Burrito Baby

Super tight swaddles make my babies very mellow. I love to snuggle this little sweetie!

He is getting so big and responsive. If I walk by him, he follows me with his eyes and his head. He smiles a lot now, though I rarely get the pictures because I'm too caught up in the playful moment myself. This last week he has been trying out his voice, making some cute little vocal sounds, and this morning he brought his hands to his mouth all by himself and licked them. Yay for progress!


Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Disclaimer swaddling works well unless you have a baby that has sensory issues that now that he's 18 we are still really figuring out. For him being wrapped up was really agitating.

Okay off the side note I just love these latest set of pictures. He's starting to look so much more like a "real" baby and less like an old soul. I hope what I mean is clear because its probably sounding weird but its a compliment I promise and a big praise for God who's gotten him this far.

Becky Bean said...

I love his smile!!! I'm glad I got to see it in person! What a sweet guy you have!

Vera said...

Soo cute! When we used to bathe my nephew here, we'd wrap him in a towel and call him 'lumpia' which is something like local burrito but mostly of vegetables and it's fried. Ahaha:)