Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crew's Well Check

Crew had his well check Monday morning. With a clean diaper on, he is 8 pounds 12.5 ounces and 21 inches long! We are very happy that Crew has put on a whole two pounds in the last month! His hydrocele is really behaving very much like a little communicator, which is discouraging to accept. If it really is a communicating hydrocele, it won't resolve on its own and you can't leave it unresolved, which of course means surgery.

Developmentally, he has finally started to activate his little arms when I show him a toy. He doesn't reach yet, but he is making progress in that area. He follows toys and faces with his eyes and his head and he has astonishing neck strength. He rolls from his back to his side all the time and demands to be played with. He smiles all the time now and has started to use his little voice more and more frequently. Yesterday while taking pictures of him (to be posted later), I could swear he made a few sounds that were the very teeny beginnings of a laugh.

I'm so happy with his progress!

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texasblu said...

So sorry to hear about the hernia issue - that's a bummer. Let's hope for the best - absorption without complications. :)

He's growing now! Pretty soon he's going to be all rollie pollie - you won't recognize him! I confess I'm so impressed with the way you've loved his looks at every turn - I was afraid of one of my twins, because he was so thin and tiny (just barely big enough not to be kept in the hospital) - he looked like an alien to me. I'll never tell him that though - and now, he's a real looker. :)