Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Testicles are not my Forte

I took Crew in to see the pediatrician this last week because, once again, he wasn't looking "quite right" down south. Did you know that you can do a partial diagnosis for a hernia by shining a flashlight through the scrotum? I'm glad my sister gave me a heads up on that or I may have questioned my pediatrician's sanity.

At least I was vindicated in "being right", for whatever that's worth. There is definitely something amiss and the tentative verdict is that it's a hydrocele, or a potentially benign (innocent) collection of fluid. If it's closed off, the fluid should eventually resorb over time without complication. Unfortunately, he appears to be exhibiting symptoms of a "communicating hydrocele", meaning the fluid is able to go both ways through an opening, further meaning that the risk for a third hernia is alive and well. It is even possible that he has a hernia right now, but it's hard to tell for sure with all the extra fluid.

So, we've been referred to our surgeon (that sounds weird to say our surgeon) for evaluation. Blech.

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Calico said...

My 4 YO just had that surgery done last summer. It was quick and easy so try not to worry!