Monday, November 9, 2009

Food Therapy

Crew always has his little fingers in his mouth. To start him thinking about feeding himself with those grubby little mitts, Julie (our PT) convinced me to try letting him paint with baby food. She saw right away that she was asking the monumental of me (eww, eww!), but I gamely took up the challenge.

He doesn't eat chunky foods yet, but I thought the texture would be fun to play with and then he'd get the lickable, suckable sauce stuck to his fingers.

Here he is inspecting.Squish, squish.
I put his hand to his lips and convinced him to have a taste.
Mmmmmm.... He did this about 4 times, with assistance.
And.... then he was done. "Go get the spoon, woman! FEED ME, SEYMOUR!!"

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