Thursday, November 5, 2009

Go, Crew, Go!

Crew has reached a few milestones recently. On Sunday, he was sitting in his high chair. I walked across the room toward him with a toy in my hand. When I was still more than 6 feet away from him, he lifted both hands and reached for the toy!

In other reaching adventures, he now reaches toward his bottle when he sees it coming toward him. Yay! He doesn't hold it yet, or even pretend to really, but reaching for it is the first step!

We still don't consider him an accomplished "sitter", but I really think that we're going to be able to slap that label on him within the month!

Oh, and are you ready for this?

He waves bye-bye, opening and closing his hand in response to a departing guest. I know. How cool is that?

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