Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Princes!


Candice Gray said...

It was so strange how I happened to come accross your blog, I was actually looking for a Hernia Institue for my mom. But somehow I saw the picture of Crew and decided to click on it and I have been glued to reading your blog for the last hour. I too have a premie, well he was born at 36 weeks, but I went into preterm labor at 28 weeks. I was hospital bed ridin for 6 weeks and I wound up having my son exactly two weeks later. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful Crew is and I know you probably hear this all the time but you are one of the strongest mothers I have ever come accross. It's so hard to put into words the emotions and feelings that moms have and I admire your strength in being able to not only put them in words, but make it public for the world to see. I wish I could reach through this computer and give you the biggest hug ever! I will continue to follow your blog! God bless you and your family!!! Happy Birthday Boys'

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

This picture makes me happy and sad at the same time and I'm not sure which one is making me cry right now but I thank you for sharing your beautiful boys.