Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And Back We Step

Well, we rejoiced too soon. The good news is that he made it more than 12 hours on the c-pap, which is actually quite an accomplishment. The bad news is that after our phone call this morning, he got really lazy and stopped making sufficient efforts. He started to deteriorate and tire out to the point where they had to intervene. The doctor just called and he has been reintubated on the ventilator. I'm disappointed, but, like I said yesterday, the step forward was so completely unexpected, that it's hard for me to be too upset that we didn't completely sail over this hurdle. Next week they'll probably try again.

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K2 Designs said...

Baby steps, Crew is making baby steps ..Thats awesome he was able to go so long on his own! Like you said next week they'll probably try again. He'll be another week older and developed that extra week. I'm bettin by Christmas he'll be breathing on his own! Wouldn't that be a wonderful gift! Continued prayers for little Crew and you all as well.