Saturday, November 22, 2008

In Good Hands

The hospital staff at both hospitals have been so good to give me really valuable information about Crew's care and his needs and to keep me well informed on the realities and possibilities of preemie life. They have always made great efforts to answer my questions, down to the finest detail, spending many hours with me, and never seem impatient with my endless queries. It's a good thing that I'm kind of good with foreign languages because I'm learning a new one lately! The language of life in the NICU!

I appreciate that the nurses and doctors don't talk down to me, but at the same time will always very patiently backtrack and explain things in different ways if they lose me in the terminology and provide me with an abundance of resources and literature. They have been honest, optimistic, realistic, compassionate, and informative.

I'll miss the easy access to the neonatologists and nurse practioners at our local hospital, but I think I've almost figured out how to finagle and time things just right to have access to Crew's entire support team during rounds at the Children's Hospital. I just knew that at at our local hospital, I could, if I wanted, call or show up at 4 in the morning and get immediate access to one of the neonatologists personally overseeing Crew's care. Now, if I don't hit rounds quite right, I'm going to be relying just a little more on Crew's nurses to give me the skinny. But the nurses do seem competent and well informed and, like the nurses at we've come to know closer to home, they don't mind if I call a million times throughout the day and night to get updates or answers. I hope in time to feel as comfortable with the staff at the Children's Hospital as I did at in our original NICU and after our less dramatic visit yesterday, I don't totally hate the place.

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