Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Good Crew Day

Our little Crewton (get it? Like "crouton"?) had a good night and a good morning. He was calm and peaceful this morning, sleeping so well. He even insulted me by forcibly pulling his hand out of my fingers after half an hour of the mama squeeze. I couldn't have been more pleased to be so totally dissed.

He had another blood transfusion in the night to raise his hemoglobin, but we're getting used to that. His digestion has stopped being green (hurray!) but his bowels are a little irritated and distended so they've stopped feedings just for today, but will start up again tomorrow. His IV is in his head now (ugh) but he still looks so cute. His oxygen is hovering just below 30, which we're happy about. Little improvements for our little guy.

I was brave today and put on mascara. I figured it would make me think before I cried! Plus, I thought it might make a difference in how I behaved if I wasn't reminded of the insanity of my life every time I looked at my haggard face in the mirror!

I also drove my own van to the hospital. I've been off my Percocet for a few days and in general I am not so so so tired anymore that I think there is a chance of falling asleep at the wheel at any given moment. DeAnna was afraid that might be a "first" that needed to be gotten through and she thought it would be best if I wasn't alone the first time I did it. It was totally fine, but that was probably because I had been preparing all morning for it to be potentially weird. It's the ones that that come on suddenly, without any preparation, that are the most disturbing.

I got some actual sleep last night, which was extremely helpful and makes a big difference. I distract my mind at bedtime by reading "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", on loan from Natalie. Light, entertaining, not too serious. Then after lunch today I snuggled up with Kinley on the couch under a blanket and closed my eyes "for just a minute" during Fern Gully 2 and ended up with a 3 hour nap, complete with snoring, drool, and everything. Ahhhh... I'm powering through the afternoon nap hangover right now while DeAnna is at the park with the kids.

So today was a vast improvement over yesterday. They warned us at the start of this adventure that our emotions would be very closely tied to Crew's ups and downs. They could not have been more accurate.

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Anonymous said...

Blessings to you and your little Crew (and all of your family).