Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eyes are Open!

Crew has fully opened both of his eyes! I called the hospital tonight (again) and he opened both his eyes several times tonight for his nurse during his cares and bathtime. That also means he's a little less drugged with fentanyl than he has been since his surgery. I can't wait to see what my little guy looks like with open eyes!! Again, I wish he could be closer so that I could just run over during the night shift to participate with bathtime. I was only able to do it once before he was transported. Sigh...

PS -- did you know that in his transport pictures he is swaddled up in a burp cloth? He's so small! His weight tonight is 1040 grams (2 pounds, 4 ounces) but a lot of that is swelling and water. It had been coming down for several days before the surgery and then it went back up again (as expected with the surgery). We're waiting for it to come back down again. They still consider his "real weight" or "dry weight" to be about 700 grams (1 pound, almost 9 ounces, which is basically his birth weight). Apparently his head looks a lot less swollen tonight to his night shift nurse that has had him two nights in a row. I think he's absolutely perfect and adorable with or without the extra water, but I'm anxious for him to pee it off for his own comfort! His swollen little private parts make me cringe in sympathy and I'm not even a guy!

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