Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lobe is Open!

Justin and I went to the hospital tonight to spend time with Crew. He had an x-ray while we were there. His lung lobe has reopened and is looking really good. We're very grateful for a quick turn around this time. He was really unhappy tonight (ventilators will do that to you!) and they had to sedate him while I was there. His little silent cries are as cute as everything else he does, but they make me want to just reach in there and snatch him out to soothe him! They are going to redo his feeding tube tonight and see if the positioning of it has anything to do with the green gunk coming up; maybe the tube is down too far; it looked like it might be the case in the x-ray. Here's hoping!

On a side note: on the way out tonight, there was a man coming through the doors with four small children. They looked like they had to be two adorable sets of twins. Once they went through the doors, two women standing in the hallway laughed and said "poor mom". I cringed, but managed not to cry. Conveniently, I happen to be fresh out of tears tonight. Really, I'm going to need to get used to people saying the most ignorant things.

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