Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crew is Doing GREAT!!

He is on room air, sailing along, happy as can be. He has a few drops in oxygen saturation and heartrate, but even that has been improving throughout the day. He continued to wake up more from the anesthesia throughout the day and was back to his old mellow, alert self.

He jumped back on to full feeds without a hiccup this morning, eating more than we have ever given him before! He hit full feeds just before surgery, at 36 cc's every three hours. He was put on "Ad Lib" feeds, which means he can have as much or as little as he wants every three hours to see what he can do and what he wants to do. He has been taking 40 cc's every three hours! He is having an amazing recovery from this most recent surgery and the end of our NICU stay is in sight! Thank you, thank you for your thoughts, faith, and prayers for Crew!