Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kinley's Birthday Surprise

Kinley has been observing the many preparations we have been making this week for Crew's anticipated arrival. While we have tried to keep her guessing, she has apparently been informing the neighborhood at every opportunity that her brother is coming home not only this week, but on her birthday.

She was napping when we came home from the hospital. She came downstairs right after we got home and walked right by the car seat. She stopped, backed up, peeked inside and then looked at us completely confused and asked, "who is that?" We laughed and said, "who do you think it is?" Her eyes opened wide and she said, "Is it Crew?" Apparently he looks a lot different in person. And a lot smaller :)


Haley said...


I was thrilled to hear from you! I am so sorry to hear about your little Dexter...I feel weird saying this in a blog comment but I don't know how else to reach sorry.

I'm glad Crew is home with you (I've been reading his story)! What a beautiful boy.

You have a darling family!

Talk/chat/comment to you soon!

P.S. You are such a fun writer...I feel like I'm talking to you and I love it!

Rachel said...

Megan, I'm one of the "concerned strangers" (or new friend) lurking around your blog during your whole ordeal. I read this post and just cried! I'm so happy for you and your family and thrilled that Crew is finally home where he belongs. Your strength and faith is such a great example to all who read this blog! Good luck with the next phase of your "adventure"! I'll continue to pray for Crew and you!

The Lowder Family said...

I am a total stanger to you, but understand so much of what you have gone through....other than the 3 months in the NICU. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I have been reading it for months now trying to see what my life would have been like if my son would have been in the NICU. I had a placenta abruption at 27 weeks and I can't help but notice how the "Critically Emergency C-Sections" tend to be the same. I still don't believe how they get a baby out in 4 minutes....Our son lived for a few minuets after he was born & I always wished that they could have got him out faster so that he could have had a chance. After watching and reading what you (as well as Crew) have & Are going through, I sometimes feel grateful that he didn't have the pain. I am sure that it is difficult to be torn between Crews health and also the loss of Dex. My heart goes out to you, you are truly an amazing woman!!! Thank you so much for letting me watch Crews Journey......I loved your post about the first time that you saw Dex and held him, there is something so sacred about our babies that are will god that others will never get to experience It is something I know so well and it is comforting to know I am not the only one who has gone through it. Thanks again for all the inspiration & I pray that Crew will have the health that he needs as well as you to have the strength to keep being the amazing woman that you are

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Wow I check in every few days and all I can say is wow how very, very exciting. My gang has been following along with me and Joshua says to tell you he's so excited. I said look at this picture (the one with the 3 of you in the chair) and I said what do you notice. He said that's not the hospital rocker. Yeah they're at home. Hannah still sleeping but she'll probably be as interested in the doll and your daughter. In a houseful of guys she's always happy to see a little girl. And boy does Kinley look a lot like you.

Prayers go out to you all and especially to Crew to keep gaining, growing, and grinning.

Vera said...

I just noticed how Kinley looks so much like you! :) The look on her face as she saw Crew must have been worth at least a million dollars! :)

Krisi and Adam said...

Oh she must have been so excited. I am just so excited for you guys.

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Kinley's reaction to Crew's homecoming is something to rembmer forever. So special!